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Welcome to St Joseph's and St Bernard's school website. Sadly the school is no more but we have some great memories and lots of photographs. We are trying to put names to faces so we need your help as there are still a lot of don't knows.

Caritas Christi Urgent Nos (The Love of Christ Urges us on)

Denise Donnelly

Denise Wingate was in touch about the 1957 photo

I am Denise Wingate nee Donnelly and I am sitting 2nd from the right on the ground. I started school at 4 years and originally went to the school attached to the Holy Ghost Church in 1954. At some point we were transferred to St Josephs Convent.
The elderly teachers sitting each side of the Nuns were sisters Misses Fitzsimmons?
The back row of boys include 5th from right -Christopher ?, 12th from right – David ?
It was a wonderful school.

and about the 1960 photo…

Row 3, 2nd left is Maureen Walsh

Adrian Donnelly

Adrian Donnelly was in touch

I was at this school for a few years. My family moved into the AWRE houses in Oakridge in 1953. We walked to school along a wired fence path from Sutton Road to Shooters Way. On one side was Charles Chute and the other was a corn field.
I am in the school photo with my brother and sister
I can remember the tennis court where we played and the sports day, with an obstacle course race, a sack race,a slow bicycle race and the egg and spoon race.
Miss McNulty was our “hot” teacher, and I also remember Miss Fitzmorris with her ruler on the knuckles to keep us in check.
I still see Pat Hennessy, Kevin Larden, Adrian Long. Gerald and Mick Hauman, and Martin and Charlie Butt.
I have a school report as a memory.

Caty Pearson

Kate Chiconi emailed me.

I attended St Bernard’s school from 1965 to 1969, when my family moved from Silchester to near Newbury. I have a photo of myself on my first day of school, wearing the school uniform and a slightly nervous expression! (See bottom of Photos/Others page ) I remember teachers Mrs Church, Mrs Shellabear, Sr Mary Margaret and Sr Mary Domitilla. I’m still in touch with Mary Mullen, who attended in the late ’50s, when it was still St Josephs; our mothers were friends. My younger sister Natalie also attended for a year, 1968-69.
Kate Chiconi, Queensland, Australia.

Trina Maher

Trina Maher (now Farmer) emailed me. She is in the 1957 photo

I was pleasantly surprised to come across the website of St Joseph’s convent and especially the 1957 photograph.

I am stood in the row behind the nuns, going from the centre towards the right , I am the first girl in the dark pinafore dress (stood next to a group of people in white shirts).

I went on to the upper class at the Holy Ghost church.

My name was Trina Maher and now Farmer.

I was great friends with the Rutter girls, Gilliam Lovell (who has sadly passed away) and Gilliam Boarding who married an ex boyfriend of mine.

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Stephanie Grassby

Stephanie has been in touch and found herself on the 1963 photo

I believe I started at St Joseph’s in 1960/61 and stayed through the transition to St Bernard’s. After that I left to go to St Joseph’s in Reading. I recognise lots of names in the list.

There were four of us at St Joseph’s. Me, Tony, Rachel and Felicity. My mum still has this photo but it does bring back lots of happy memories.

Sr Gabriel Dolores

I was Principal and Teacher at St Joseph’s School, Norn Hill from April 1961 to July 1964. I had just one school photograph of 1963 and a host of lovely memories. Recently, through the kindness and skill of Sr Florence ( Patrick Mary in Basingstoke days), I have seen a great amount of names and photographs. It was sheer joy! When all this material is put on paper I look forward, with pleasure,to matching names and faces as much as possible. In the meantime, my prayers, best wishes and love to you all and to your families everywhere.

Sr Gabriel Dolores

Sister Patrick Mary

Sister Patrick Mary has been in touch (now Sr Florence Haines)

She taught at Norn Hill from September 1963 to July 1964 when the Sisters of charity left Basingstoke. At that time she says Sr Gabriel Dolores was the principal and Sr Alban was also on the staff.

She remembers the Appleby family, John Fletcher, John Brimicombe, Shirley Spencer, Geoffrey Plummer and others I’m sure.

Also great to hear, she says that Sr Gabriel Dolores is alive and well and living in Kilkenny, Ireland.

and a mention of a possible photo from summer 1964. Watch this space.

Janet Oliver

Janet Collins ( Oliver ) has identified her sister on the 1960 photo, as well as Christine Ayton, Celia’s sister. She says that Jaqueline was the missing first name of Jaqueline Rutter and finally that Hutchinson was the surname of Dorothy the Maltese girl mentioned in a previous post.

Thanks a lot to Janet and others for the recent help in identifying people.

Helena Digby

Helena Digby says

when I attended St Bernard’s in 1970. I started in Mrs Gibbons Kindergarten Class and then went up to Mrs Church’s Transition Class until the school closed. My brother Paul was two years ahead and my cousin Esther Camenzind four years above me. When the school closed quite a few of the pupils went onto Hilsea College…as did Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Church for a while. I remeber Sister Mary John as the Headmistress and Mrs Lewendon as the school secretary.

Jimmy Donohoe

Jimmy Donohoe spotted himself on the 1963 photo (child32)