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Anne Mitchell has been in touch.

My maiden name is Hennessy (sister to Mary, Patrick & James, 3 of my 6 siblings) & I attended St Josephs in 1963 & I am child 145 in that year photo, my friend Francesca Harrison is child 135 (sister of Roland Harrison)

My sister Mary appears in the 1962 photo, top row, fifth from the left. There is a comment on your website saying Mary died of cancer, sadly this is true, she died in February 1995. Her married name was Allen & she lived in Burgess Road, just across from the original convent school, which was in the Holy Ghost, in the Presbytery building, where the Sisters of Charity then lived. My late Father, Dick Hennessy, helped the Nuns (Sisters of Charity), cutting wood for the fires in the Bolton Lodge house & generally helping out when they needed it.
I can’t be certain but am pretty sure that child 143 (1963 photo) is John Bennett & child 123 is his younger brother Martin Bennett (deceased)

It was all such a long time ago, but some of my memories are so clear, Miss McNulty handing out Maltesers, that wonderful staircase, gazing out the huge sash windows out into the lovely gardens and magnificent trees………..

I went on to St Annes with Francesca & Roland & both John & Martin, Martin was in my year, I met up again with John & Martin at QMC & we became quite good friends whilst at 6th form.  I lost touch with Martin & John, sadly Martin died about 10 years ago (maybe more?) Martin was a lovely person & its very sad.

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  1. Hello Anne

    I am not sure if I am leaving a message in the correct way. However, I just thought I would respond to your mention of Francesca and Roland Harrison. They used to live quite near to St Joseph’s and I used to go to their home for lunch every day whilst I was there(their Mum cooked lovely sausages). They eventually moved into St Peter’s Road in South Ham opposite where my Mum and Dad still live.

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