Robinson Sisters

Happy New Year! Marian Robinson has found our site and spotted herself in the 1957 photo together with her sister Jenny

1959 Photo

1959 Photo

[singlepic=27,300,300,left] Diane Errey has been in touch to correct my spelling of her name and to point out that the girl we had as Imogen Stockbridge was in fact her sister Teresa Errey. She has also provided a photo of the two of them taken probably around 1959


Marian and David Appleby found themselves on the 1963 and 1960 photos

Chris Corcoran

Chris Corcoran spotted himself on the 1963 photo

Veal Brothers

John Veal identified his brother Robert on the 1963 photo

Life after School

Bernie (Berenice) Rennie (nee Ross) has provided a few more details. She says Anna and Gizella’s surname was Kemeter and they were Hungarian. Also the following went to the Convent of the Holy Ghost: Maureen Ray, Dorothy (Dot) Hutchins (Maltese), Georgina ? (Canadian?), Jill ? and Elizabeth Burman. For Norn Hill there was also a […]

Julian Bishop

Julian Bishop has been in touch to identify himself on the 1960/61 photo. and the 1963 photo

1957 photo identifications

Some faces identified by Debbie Reavell (Sweetman) on the 1957 photo. Paul Wernham, Michael Waine, Mary Fitzpatrick, Barbara Sweetman.

Odds and Ends Photo

Information from Nuala about one of the Odds and Ends photos. I have moved it to its own place as the July1960 Photo. Also she has some more names from the 1960/61 photo. MaGrath, Sweetman, Mullen, Langridge, Rivett and Oliver. Has the mystery of Peter/Paul Stowell finally been resolved? Peter and Paul themselves emailed to […]

60/61 Photo identification

Christine Wright confirms that it was Paul Stowell in the 1960/61 photo.