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Kate Chiconi emailed me.

I attended St Bernard’s school from 1965 to 1969, when my family moved from Silchester to near Newbury. I have a photo of myself on my first day of school, wearing the school uniform and a slightly nervous expression! (See bottom of Photos/Others page ) I remember teachers Mrs Church, Mrs Shellabear, Sr Mary Margaret and Sr Mary Domitilla. I’m still in touch with Mary Mullen, who attended in the late ’50s, when it was still St Josephs; our mothers were friends. My younger sister Natalie also attended for a year, 1968-69.
Kate Chiconi, Queensland, Australia.

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  1. Mike, on checking the back of the ‘first day of school’ photo I’ve sent you, my start year was actually 1965, not 66, aged four and a half. Well, it was a very long time ago…

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