Life after School

Bernie (Berenice) Rennie (nee Ross) has provided a few more details. She says Anna and Gizella’s surname was Kemeter and they were Hungarian. Also the following went to the Convent of the Holy Ghost: Maureen Ray, Dorothy (Dot) Hutchins (Maltese), Georgina ? (Canadian?), Jill ? and Elizabeth Burman. For Norn Hill there was also a Mandy Herbert as well as the Jackie and Sarah we already have. She also mentions Anthony Dasczweitz.

Some information on life after school: Philippa Billington went on to Winchester College of Art, as did Celia Ayton and Gizella Kemeter. Philippa later became a model for Vogue. Debbie Billington tragically died, with her fiance, in a plane crash many years ago aged about 22. Mary Hennessey died from cancer some years ago.

She says that Christine Hookings has been mis-identified as Sandra Rivett on the 60/61 photo.

Finally she thinks that No. 4 on the 1962 photo from Nuala is definitely not Philippa – Phil towered over all of us at 6 feet! I think it may well be Ethel Reilly but can’t be certain.

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