60/61 Photo Pupils

Nuala has spotted some more faces on the 1960/61 photo.Carney, Smallbone, Donnelly, Walsh, Southcote, Johnson, Newcombe, Galico, Collier, Clark and a pair of Rainbows! Is Child 80 Bridget Brophy and 113 a Bradshaw ? and was Peter Stowell really Paul Stowell? Can anyone help?

More 1960/61 people

Even more faces identified from the 1960/61 photo by Christine Kot. Namely Carmel Reilly, Ruth Peck, Peter Stowell, Geoffrey Gifford and herself

1960/61 photo people

A few more faces identified from the 1960/61 photo by Nesta. Namely Julia Walsh, Nesta Turvey, ? Rutter, Ethel Reilly, Dawn Bradley, Anna ?, Susan Rutt, Gizella ?, Mary Etheridge, Sheila Rutter, Celia Ayton and a couple of possibles “Child 137 looks like Veronica Clark and Child 138 looks like Sandra Burgess” Can anyone confirm […]

Basingstoke Camera Club

Received a big list of names from Angela to go with the latest photo. Peter Malcolm the President of the Basingstoke Camera Club has kindy offered to help anyone out if they have no way to get old school photos onto a computer. He can be contacted via the Basingstoke Camera Club website

1960/61 Photo

1960/61 Photo

A new whole school photo from 1960/61 supplied by Kevin O’Kelly and Angela Leech. More details to come

Pupil List

Created a list of pupils that appear on the photos on this site. There are currently over 150 identified.


I have started uploading the photos to a website called Fotango which will enable people to order prints online. Unfortunately my photo scanning skills are not quite up to the job and I’m struggling a bit in getting the quality to match the originals. I don’t feel there are enough good ones there yet to […]

Old Basing Connection

Steve Evans lived in Old Basing and says that many children went from there to St Josephs. He has supplied more names for the 1957 photo. (Himself and Sisters Sian and Alison plus Jeremy Thornhill. Also himself and sister on Nesta’s new photos)

More Names

Some great photos from Nesta. Haven’t got details of year etc yet. Steve Evans has pointed out how hard it is to print some of the photos from the website so I’m working on some printer friendly versions. Pauline Benham (Hopkins) has supplied some new names for the 1963 photo (Gillian Grady, Pauline Hopkins and […]


Just thought I would bring to people’s attention that Kevin Larden has suggested a School Re-Union. See the Friends Reunited message board if you are interested