The full school photo from 1957 also divided below into 4 smaller ones. Hold your mouse over the pupils heads (in the smaller photos) to see if they have been identified.

Click on the first photo to see the large version of it.






3 Responses to “ 1957 ”

  1. I am Stephen Evans, correctly tagged photo 4, back row, 4 from left. My sister Alison Evans, is in photo 2, row 2 seated, 2nd from left, wrongley tagged as Hazel Rainbow. My sister Sian Evans, is in photo 3, middle row standing, 8 from left, but wrongly tagged at photo 4, row 3 standing, 8 from left. The photo brings back a lot of good memories!

  2. I am in the photo at the head of the page forth one in. I remember Sister Agnes very well and spent a lot of time kneeling in fron t of the class for hours because of some wrong doing. I remember Jill a tall blond girl and Helen Atkin(I wish to apologise for all the horrible things I did to her.

  3. I am stood in the row behind the nuns, going from the centre towards the right , I am the first girl in the dark pinafore dress (stood next to a group of people in white shirts).

    I went on to the upper class at the Holy Ghost church.

    My name was Trina Maher and now Farmer.

    I was great friends with the Rutter girls, Gilliam Lovell (who has sadly passed away) and Gilliam Boarding who married an ex boyfriend of mine.

    Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

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