The 1960 school photo split into 4. Hover mouse over pupils to see their name.


Mark Jones child2 child3 child4 child5 child6 Carmel Reilly Frances Draycott Edward MaGrath (Phillimore) Peter Stowell child11 child12 Ruth Peck Pauline Cronin child15 Christopher Carney Christopher Smallbone child18 child19 child20 child21 child22 Denise Donnelly Julia Walsh child25 Rosemary Southcote Linda Higgins Nesta Turvey child29 child30 Pauline Hopkins ? Walsh Patricia Girvan Doreen Hopkins Gillian Grady Pauline Johnson Ruth Bellord child38 Brenda Worsfold child40 Ann Short Michael Parsons Kevin Cronin child44 Marian Appleby Patricia Walsh child47 child48 child49 Julie Beckett child51 Rosalind Fletcher child53 child54 child55 Tommy Hughes child57 Shaun Hughes child59 John Foran child61 David Appleby child63 Diane Errey Bernadette Hughes child66


Barbara Sweetman child68 child69 child70 child71 Ann Bowman Nuala Tuxford Colin Langridge John Mullen James Johnson child77 child78 child79 Maureen Ray child81 Margaret Hannigan child83 Dorothy ? child85 Christine Hookings Jaqueline Rutter Ethel Reilly Dawn Bradley Jill ? Christine Ayton David Mullen Adrian Donnelly Kevin Hannafee child95 Fergus Daley teach1 Miss McNulty teach3 teach4 teach5 teach6 Angela MacManus Tessa Roca child99 child100 child101 Barry Donnelly Paul Fitzpatrick child104 child105 child106 child107 child108


Peter Newcombe David Galico Chrystna Kot child112 child113 child114 Colin Rainbow child116 child117 Deidre MacManus Hazel Rainbow Linda Oliver Susan Collier child122 Keith Pearson child124 child125 Anna Kemeter child127 child128 child129 child130 Susan Rutt Gizella Kemeter Mary Etheridge Sheila Rutter Celia Ayton Janet Oliver Veronica Clark teach7 Miss Fitzmaurice Bernard Bergman Dominic Sweetman Colin Waters child141 child142 Kevin O'Kelly Michael Budd child145 child146 child147 child148 child149 child150 child151 child152 Charles Butt Martin Butt child155 Malcolm Leavey Greg Tilton child158 child159 Christine Hopkins child161 child162


child163 child164 child165 ? Hughes Geoffrey Gifford Tony Rimell Tony Garman Adrian Long child171 child172 child173 child174 child175 child176 child177 child178 child179 Irene/Pauline Cronin Peter Hopkins Kathleen Cotter Angela Cronin child184 child185 Christine Cronin child187 child188 Maria Roca child190 child191 child192 child193 Judy Parsons child195 child196 child197 Maureen Pearson child199 Sandra Spreadborough Leone Brant child202 child203 child204 Julian Bishop child206 child207 Peter O'Boyle child209 Michael O'Kelly child211

3 Responses to “ 1960 ”

  1. I am sure that the teacher identified as teach1 is Miss Ryan, she was a breath of fresh air when she arrived!! Also I think that teach6 is Sr Alban who made Attilla the hun quite cudly and likeable!

  2. Child 1 is me-my surname was Barham

  3. Angela MacManus (now McLoughlin) identified herself and her sister Deidre and friend Tony Garman (not 100% sure) on the photo. She attended the school from the winter term of 1959 to 1962 when she left to move to Suffolk.

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