1960 Outing


On Horse from rear Deborah Billington, Mary Etheridge, Sheila Rutter (girl on front of horse not known) Girl looking up at horse Nuala Tuxford. Next girl looking forward is Christine Hookings. Next two girls Madelaine Butt and Pamela Oliver
Nuala says “This photo must have been in July 1960 because in the following Sept I was due to cross to the senior girls at the Holy Ghost. Several of us were invited on a school outing – on a get to know basis. We all went by coach to a girls boarding school – I think it was Winchester way – for a netball match followed by tea and a tour of the school including girls rooms. The other school won the match and whilst staff were friendly the other girls weren’t! The photos are taken in the school grounds and it is me looking up at the girls on the wooden horse.”

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  1. I remember the trip as I was in the netball team and yes they were very snotty

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