1962 Class


1 Nuala Tuxford, 2 Pamela Rayne, 3 Susan Rutt,4 ?, 5 Mary Hennessy, 6 Oonagh Lindsay, 7 Mary Etheridge, 8 Berenice Ross, 9 Gizella Kemeter, 10 Ethel Reilly, 11 Celia Ayton, 12 Valerie Stainer, 13 Jean Shelton, 14 Hazel Rainbow, 15 Vivienne Wehrli, 16 Pamela Oliver, 17 Madelaine Butt, 18 Deborah Billington, 19 Lesley Anne Lyon, 20 Janet Oliver

Nuala James (Tuxford) thinks number 4 might be Phillipa Billington.
Nuala says…
She was certainly at the school at that time and is older than Deborah. Also a puzzle – Gizelle had a younger sister there but I can’t make her out in picture. The only other thing I can think of is that their surname was Polish and they lived in May Street. Ethel Riley had a younger sister Carmel in my group at the Holy Ghost – can’t see her either. Maybe they just missed the photo call.

Nesta Hanson replies…
The photo was taken the summer before I left and Phillipa Billington was older than me so presumably she would have already left the school and would not therefore be in the photo. Also Gizella’s sister was older than her, her name was Anna and she would also have left before this photo was taken.

Bernie (Berenice) Rennie (nee Ross) says “No. 4 on the 1962 photo from Nuala is definitely not Philippa – Phil towered over all of us at 6 feet! I think it may well be Ethel Reilly but can’t be certain.”

3 Responses to “ 1962 Class ”

  1. 4th from the left is Margaret (Pinkie) Hannigan.

  2. Sad to say that I have just heard that Berenice (Bernie) Rennie (nee Ross) passed away 18 months ago after a long battle with cancer, Bernie is 8 from the left in the back row, RIP.

  3. Susan Holley (nee Rutt) passed away suddenly on 18th April. Susan is 3rd from the left in the back row.

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