Nesta says “I only know two one is me and I am second from left in the front row and my best mate Judy Wood is the next one along. Judy and I had been told by our teachers that if the elves in front of us did not move at a certain point in the production we were to tap them with our wands – apparently they didn’t move so Judy and I hit them quite hard and brought the house down. My sincere apologies if I did them any lasting damage!”

Front fairy on the right hand side with a full side view is Nesta



Valerie Stainer

Left Dawn Bradley and Anna Kemeter (Elder sister to Gizella)

Left Oonagh Lindsay and right Philippa Billington

Back left to right – Elaine Tempest, Gloria Turvey Front left to right – Jennifer Tempest, Nesta Turvey

Caty Pearson: my first day of school, wearing the school uniform and a slightly nervous expression!

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  1. I am Stephen Evans and appear in the top photo (school-play-2.jpg), the elf sitting crossed-legged on the rock on the left. This was the pinacle of my stage career which, sadly, did not take off after this very solid performance!

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