Many of the teachers were members of the Sisters of Charity (See also their Links page for other country specific websites)

Mary Aikenhead Wikipedia link

The Sisters of Charity were founded by Mother Mary Aikenhead in Dublin in 1815. Her wish was that the poor of Christ might receive through the hands of her sisters the love and tenderness of Christ, respecting human dignity in impoverished circumstances. Mary Aikenhead sent her sisters to the people who were poor. sick, needy and marginalised. Their motto ‘ Caritas Christi Urget Nos’ means, ‘The Love of Christ Inspires Us.’

Mother Mary Aikenhead had 2 commemorative stamps issued in Ireland. Just search the internet for “irish stamps aikenhead”.

Sister Mary Raymond
Sister Dominic
Sister J Paul
Sister Marie Madden
Mother Celestine

So far we have photos of…

Sister Ignatius: 1957
Reverend Mother Teresa Carmel: 1957
Sister Agnes: 1957
Sister Marcellina: 1957
Mrs Morant: 1963
Miss Fitzmorris: 1963
Sister Gabriel: 1963
Miss McNulty: 1963

St Bernards

Mrs Gibbons (Kindergarten Class 1970)
Mrs Church’s Transition Class:
Sister Mary John (Headmistress)
Mrs Lewendon (school secretary)

Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Church left for Hilsea College

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  1. Hello, I was at St Bernards from 1971-1973, and thereafter Hilsea College Oakley 1973-1976. Mrs Gibbons was my form teacher, and I remember Mrs Church ( I thought it was Churchill but shows how you can misremember!). I remember terrapin style classrooms. I think thye two teachers I mentioned had ” back to back” classrooms. I have a memory of once being at Mrs Gibbons home which I think was Esher Close in Basingstoke, but absolutely no idea why! I also have half a memory that she became unwell during the time I knew her but as to which ailment, I cannot recall.

  2. Hi Mark. Sorry it took so long to ok your post. I don’t check the website often enough. Mike

  3. I attended St Bernard’s school from 1966 to 1969, when my family moved from Silchester to near Newbury. I have a photo of myself on my first day of school, wearing the school uniform and a slightly nervous expression! I remember teachers Mrs Church, Mrs Shellabear, Sr Mary Margaret and Sr Mary Domitilla. I’m still in touch with Mary Mullen, who attended in the late ’50s, when it was still St Josephs; our mothers were friends. My younger sister Natalie also attended for a year, 1968-69.
    Kate Chiconi, Queensland, Australia.

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